Outside of the Box Therapy works with the individual and, though we have divided this by umbrellas, our holistic approach integrates from multiple modalities and therapist strengths.  Although we cannot predict the outcome of situations, we can take control of how we respond to situations and, with support, we can overcome life’s challenges.

Trauma therapy focuses on helping people with past experiences of trauma manage the traumatic memories and experiences.  Trauma therapy requires a therapist to have additional training in trauma and uses those skills to assist a person with overcoming the effects of traumatic events.  Outside of the Box has therapists trained in a variety of approved trauma approaches

Types of Counseling We Offer:

EMDR-  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) was originally developed as a treatment for PTSD symptoms and is one of the two approved treatments recognized federally to treat trauma. It involves processing the memory and the way it is stored in the brain with a goal to reduce problematic triggers and symptoms.  Dr. Rogers-Larke is trained and certified in providing EMDR to both adults and children, which she usually combines with Somatic Experiencing.

TF-CBT – Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on the thought, feeling, and behaviors and the relationship between them.  A therapist who incorporates a trauma focus may help a client understand how they way they think about their trauma is affecting them and shift them to a more helpful way of thinking.  TF-CBT for children incorporates both the child and the caregiver as part of the therapy.

TF-IPT – Trauma Focused Integrative Play Therapy utilizes a combination of directive and nondirective approaches that allows the therapist to pay attention to the developmental needs of the child.  TFIPT integrates research, expressive therapies and facilitates the expression of the trauma narrative.

Somatic Experiencing – Trauma is experienced cognitively, emotionally and within the body.  During a traumatic event, the mind and the body become activated.  For some people, their body remains in a state of hyperarousal and hyperreactivity.  This constant state of dysregulation can cause a person to experience a variety of physical issues.  Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a highly effective approach for people in conjunction with other approved trauma approaches.

Grief Therapy – Many people experience grief, either with the loss of a loved one or in the fact that life may not turn out the way they wish.  Grief therapy can be a stand alone therapy or your therapist may work with the specialized grief therapist to integrate a wholistic model for approaching grief.

Expressive arts, sand and play therapy – Expressive and creative therapies have been around for centuries and there is clear evidence of the positive effects of expressive therapies for those who have experienced trauma, have anxiety and medical issues.  They have even been shown to improve concentration and prevent suicide.  Outside of the Box Therapy incorporates expressive therapies in our modalities through the two play rooms, sand trays and movements.

Personal Growth classes- Beyond the regular scheduled sessions, clients will have the opportunity to attend periodic classes or small group events that will help further improve their mental health and wellness.


Adoption Therapy – For families of adopted children, or those going through adoption, adoption counseling can assist them with working through the grief and trauma that are often present. Anyone who is struggling with difficult emotions may seek adoption therapy, whether they are a child or an adult adoptee.

Couples Counseling- Couples counseling is available for anyone who is experiencing relationship issues.  This can include Christian Counseling, Engaged Counseling or counseling with polyamorous or non-traditional couples.  Outside of the Box has a variety of different therapists who work in this area.

Family Therapy – Family counseling is available to help families improve communication or reduce conflicts.  Typically, family therapy is administered in conjunction with another approach with a goal of improving family lives.

Sex Therapy – Sex therapy is a type of therapy designed to help individuals and couples work through their sexual challenges and improve their sexual satisfaction. By focusing on the mental health issues that are affecting an individual, the therapist will work with you to resolve the issues that are impacting your physical relationships.

Parental Reunification –Reunification therapy aims to reunite or reestablish a relationship, usually between a parent and child.  The focus is on attachment, healthy communication and aims to heal injuries that have affected the relationship.  It can also be used to treat alienation.

Another chance by Outside of the Box Therapy

Therapeutic and Supervised Parenting- Therapeutic Supervised Visitation (TSV) is similar to Supervised Parenting except that a therapist is involved in the supervising and guiding the visit.  TSV allows the therapist to provide a structured, interactive parent-child interaction focusing on positive parenting skills, the attachment between the parent and child and assisting the parenting with behavioral management. This allows the non-custodial parent and the child to benefit as much as possible from the contact.  Insurance may pay for TSV.  Supervised parenting is not paid for by insurance and may be monitored by a staff member.  All scheduled supervised parenting visits MUST BE PAID for 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.

Mood Related (anxiety, depression, etc)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)- Dialectical means combining opposite ideas.  DBT allows those that experience severe emotional dysregulation to accept the reality of their lives and their behaviors, helping them to change their lives and their behaviors that are impacting them negatively.  “Traditional” DBT is typically a six months to a year process with two visits a week, individual and group.  However, it should be noted that many insurances do not cover DBT and this may have to be cash only.  However, Outside of the Box does attempt to work with insurance through a reduction and combination of services.

Adlerian Counseling- A brief, psychoeducational approach grounded in humanism.  It focuses on an individual’s drive for success, connectedness with others and the ways they can contribute to society as a foundation of positive mental health.

Co-occurring Disorders- Although Outside of the Box does not work with drug and alcohol as a primary diagnosis, we understand that many people can suffer from more then one disorder.  With therapists with a background in addiction, this can mean a variety of approaches depending on the mixture of disorders identified.


ADHD/ Behavioral Counseling- Those with Attention Deficits Disorders benefit from psychoeducation, skill streaming and behavioral supports, including behavioral parenting.  Unlike traditional therapy, those with ADHD may choose traditional counseling or Coaching.

EMDR, TF-IPT (previously described)

Christian Counseling- Many prefer to integrate their Christian faith into therapy and Outside of the Box has several Christian Counselors available.  Christian Counseling focuses on the care of the whole person-body, soul and spirit- and maintains the values that are taught within the Bible.  Scripture, Christian movies and messages may be utilized to support concepts taught.  Christian Counseling is not Biblical or Pastoral Counseling and does not adhere to one specific Christian viewpoint.

Counseling is a Two Way Street

We believe the relationship between the counselor and client is integral to the therapy process.

Therefore, we strive to match each client with the therapist who best meets the client’s needs. Learn more about our therapists.

Are There Any Sorts of Problems We Do Not Treat at Outside of the Box?

Our clients come to the center with a wide range of issues. Some clients have very specific short-term goals that they want to work on while others have more long standing issues that they want to address. There are certain issues that we do not handle.

If your primary concern is addiction or you have a long history of psychiatric hospitalizations, Outside of the Box Therapy would not be the best place to seek treatment. If you are unsure if we are the best place for you, we invite you to contact us.

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Frustrated couple arguing and having marriage problems. Disappointed in love. Concept for divorce.


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