Mental Health Counseling Tailor Made Just For Your Situation

Thinking outside of the box to give you the best counseling services around. We give you the tools you need to succeed and grow as a person.

Outside of the Box Therapy assists people with looking at their lives through a process of self-exploration in both traditional and non-traditional fashions.  With a variety of sub-specialties under our umbrella and we strive to match you with a professional that meets your wellness goals.  All of our therapists believe that a person can work to overcome obstacles in their life that are holding them back and we work with you in order to address those obstacles.  Our goal is to support you and your family in order to gain maximum mental wellness and develop a life that is worth living and celebrating.  While we cannot change the difficult situations or your past, we can assist you with moving forward from them.

Types of Counseling We Offer:

Outside of the Box Therapy houses different therapists from different modalities, perspectives and outlooks.  This allows your treatment team to coordinate together with you to develop a wholistic, integrative and wellness focused treatment plan to assist you with moving forward where you would like to go.  We offer individual, family and group counseling options, as well as several wellness groups for those who just want minimal support.

Feeling Overwhelmed & Stressed?

Life can be overwhelming, stressful and frustrating at times!  Don't let it control your life!  At Outside Of The Box Therapy, we have counseling services tailor made for the obstacles in your life!  Don't wait.  Schedule an appointment with us today! Please note there may be a wait time depending on therapist.

Frustrated couple arguing and having marriage problems. Disappointed in love. Concept for divorce.



Outside of the Box Therapy was officially opened in 2012, gathered under one clear vision - "do good service".


Although we believe that the relationship between the counselor and client are integral to the therapy process, we also believe that a team is better then the individual.


As a result of the team concept, you have access to a wide variety of highly skilled therapists in different areas who work together to assist you!


Services are offered in a variety of formats, in-person, telehealth, group and in schools where available.


Our app allows you to reach out to our office at any time!!! It also allows secure messaging, videos and connection to your therapy team


We approach treatment in unique and sometimes in a non-traditional fashion.


Don't take our word for how awesome our services are!  Read the testimonials of our satisfied patients!


Our family has used OTBT and find them professional, caring, and flexible with scheduling. I highly recommend Dr. Rogers-Larke and her Associates.

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